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This asset uses DOTween Free for animations.

Math Puzzle Template is an extendable, cross-platform game template. Every puzzle is generated randomly.

It has two different game modes:


The player starts the game with a limited amount of time. If the answer is true, additional time will be rewarded. But if the player chooses the wrong answer, a time penalty will be applied. These values are changeable.

Time Limit

In this mode, the player starts with the same time limit for each puzzle. If the player chooses the wrong answer, the game is over. But if the answer is true, the next puzzle will be created and the timer will be reset.


  • Cross-platform
  • Multiple game modes
  • Unity Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Increasing difficulty (adjustable via the inspector)
  • Prevents puzzles with multiple answers
  • Support for ending the game after X level or infinite play (win condition)
  • Fades between scenes with independently provided script.

Tested on iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Note5 for compatibility.